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Workbook Questions

Students must read and answer the questions in chapters 10-18 in The Collegiate Baptist History Workbook.

  • The first question is usually to write a verse two times, but verses only need to be typed once.
  • The answers must be typed, restating the question in the answer.
  • There are two sections to each chapter and each section is divided into lessons.
  • Please be sure that each chapter/section/lesson is labeled on you work.

For Example: 10.1.1 would be Chapter 10, Section 1, Lesson 1; 10.1.2 would be Chapter 10, Section 1, Lesson 2; 10.2.1 would be Chapter 10, Section 2, Lesson 1; etc…

You may upload your answers using the form below. Acceptable documents are PDF, DOC, or DOCX.