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Class Requirements

HI202 Baptist History II

Requirement Sheet and Grading Factors

Dr. Chris Fox

This course is a continued history of the local church from the Middle Ages to the present with special emphasis on the Baptist movement in America.

Required Books

Collegiate Baptist History Workbook by James Beller America in Crimson Red by James Beller

Required Assignments

  • 25% Lectures and Notes – Students must watch all lectures for this class and take notes. Notes must be emailed to [email protected].
  • 40% Read Textbook and Answer Questions – Students must read and answer the questions in chapters 10-18 in The Collegiate Baptist History Workbook. The first question is usually to write a verse two times, but verses only need to be typed once. The answers must be typed, restating the question in the answer. There are two sections to each chapter and each section is divided into lessons. Please be sure that each chapter/section/lesson is labeled on your work. For Example, 10.1.1 would be Chapter 10, Section 1, Lesson 1; 10.1.2 would be Chapter 10, Section 1, Lesson 2; 10.2.1 would be Chapter 10, Section 2, Lesson 1; etc…
  • 20% Outside Reading – Students must own and read America in Crimson Red by James Beller.
  • 15% Three-page paper – Students must write a three-page paper on “Baptist History in America” and email to [email protected] with the following specifications: 12-point Times New Roman font; 1” margins all around; line spacing of 1.5, and a title page complete with certification of authorship.

Questions about this class and all requirements may be submitted to [email protected] at any time after registering for the class. The class is not considered to be complete until all lectures have been watched and all requirements have been submitted.