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Class Requirements

BI356 Spiritual Warfare I
Requirement Sheet and Grading Factors

This course deals with Satan’s attack on the Christian and the church. It is an in-depth Bible study of how the church is to reach the culture without compromising.

20%    Required Reading

Students must own and read the book Satan’s Toolbox by Pastor Greg Neal in its entirety.

40%    Worksheets

Students must complete all worksheets and submit them at the end of each lesson.

40%    Essays

Students must write all essays in paragraph form and submit them in the specified lessons. All essays must be double-spaced with a 12-point font.

Essay 1: Lesson 6 deals with the false witnesses against Christ. In the Old Testament story of Naboth, false witnesses were hired by Jezebel in order to acquire Naboth’s vineyard. Summarize the story of Naboth and compare any similarities or differences between the false witnesses against Christ and the false witnesses against Naboth (minimum of 500 words).

Essay 2: In Lesson 15, we find the principle of hero or villain. Choose from the list below and explain in paragraph form how a Christian today can be both a hero and a villain (minimum of 500 words).

  • Pastor
  • Parent
  • Bus Worker
  • Sunday School Teacher

Essay 3: Using Lesson 26 as a guide of what not to do, explain the proper response a Christian should have toward another in Job’s situation (minimum of 500 words).

Essay 4: Lesson 34 describes Absalom: a disloyal staff member. Absalom serves as an example of what not to be as a staff member. Describe a staff member that you personally know who has exhibited the proper character of a faithful staff member (minimum of 750 words).


Questions about the class and all requirements may be submitted to [email protected] at any time after registering for the class. The class is not considered to be complete until all outside requirements have been submitted and all lectures have been watched.