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Class Requirements

OA315 Financial Independence

Requirement Sheet and Grading Factors

Dr. Sam Farber

This class is designed to help the student start the journey toward financial independence. This course will not only inform the student but will also equip the student with tools to plan and schedule their finances in order to achieve freedom from debt. This class teaches how to avoid common financial mistakes, how to dig out of financial mistakes made, and how to fulfill the command to be a good steward.


  • 50% Watch All Lectures – Students are required to watch each lecture in its entirety for this class.
  • 50% Complete and Submit All Handouts Students are required to complete the handout for each lecture and submit it through the system before moving on to the next lecture.


Questions and all course requirements may be submitted to [email protected] at any time after registering for the class. The class is not considered to be complete until all outside requirements have been submitted and all lectures have been watched.