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Class Requirements

BI375 Bible Faith

Requirement Sheet and Grading Factors

Pastor Neal

This course is an extensive study of the faith of the Christian. Bible characters are used to make practical application as well as Bible principles of faith to build the faith of the Christian in his goal of pleasing God.

  • 50% Watch All Lectures – Students must watch all lectures for this class and own the book Faith in Action by Pastor Greg Neal to be used as a textbook.
  • 5% Read Hebrews 11 Five Times
  • 15% Write Three-page Paper – Students must write a three-page paper on “Faith in My Own Life” identifying areas in the student’s life right now in which he must show faith.
  • 30% Complete Project – Students will need to list ten examples or principles of faith (forty total) from each of these characters listed in Hebrews 11: Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses using the Faith in Action study guide as the resource. Each character must be on a separate sheet of paper.

All requirements must be double-spaced with a 12-point font and must include a title page.

Questions about the class and all requirements may be submitted to [email protected] at any time after registering for the class. The class is not considered to be complete until all outside requirements have been submitted and all lectures have been watched.