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Course Requirements


Ryan French, Instructor


This course is designed to teach an in-depth study of prayer and faith in the life of a Christian. This is a study on the importance of prayer in the life of a Christian, with an emphasis placed on the biblical explanation and practical application of prayer. Lessons will be taught covering topics on the importance of prayer, how to pray, biblical examples of prayer, results, and rewards of prayer, and more.


A quiz will be administered to each student at the conclusion of each lesson reviewing the material taught in the lesson. Each student is required to take the quiz at the conclusion of each lesson before proceeding on to the next lesson.

Required Reading and Reports:

Each student will be required to read the following books and turn in a three-page report on how the book helped you. Reports must be completed in the order in which they are due before proceeding with the course. Reports not completed in the order in which they are due will receive a penalty of twenty points off of the grade for that report. The formatting of the report must be as follows: half-inch margins on all sides typed in 12 point Arial font that is double-spaced with justified alignment. A cover sheet and a book reading completion sheet must accompany the report using the same formatting as the report. The cover sheet must include the student’s name, class, report title, and date in the upper right corner of the cover sheet. The book reading completion sheet must follow the cover sheet and include the following verbiage: “I certify that I have read Book Title by Author in full,” followed by the student’s name. If you have not read the book through completely, include the following verbiage: “I certify that I have read Book Title by Author through page 123,” followed by your signature. If a book has not been read through completely, the grade for the outside reading of the book will be adjusted accordingly. A sample of the cover sheet and book reading completion sheet in the required formatting is attached to this syllabus for your information and review. Once the report is completed, it will need to be uploaded as a .pdf file via the NFBC Online portal.


Book Author
Exploring Prayer Jack Hyles
George Muller: Man of Faith and Miracles Basil Miller


Final Exam:

The final exam will be administered at the conclusion of all lessons, quizzes, outside reading, and reports and will consist of a compilation of all questions covered in the quizzes taken previously throughout the course.


Class Grading Factors: Report Grading Scale:
Quizzes: 30% Cover Sheet: 10%
Reports: 30% Formatting: 20%
Final Exam: 40% Grammar: 35%
Content: 35%